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This is an older version of Eleventy. Go to the newest Eleventy docs (current path: /docs/debug-performance/) or the full release history.

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You’ll probably want to read the Debug mode documentation before continuing here.

Eleventy by default will warn you if certain pieces of your build take longer than 8% of your total build time. This list includes:

This list is not considered to be exhaustive. It’s just what has been implemented thus far!

Show All Performance Measurements Jump to heading

Added in v0.11.0 You can use the following debug command to show performance measurements for all of these entries (not just those that take longer than 8%).

Mac OS (or Linux, etc) Jump to heading

DEBUG=Eleventy:Benchmark* npx @11ty/eleventy

Windows Jump to heading

set DEBUG=Eleventy:Benchmark* & npx @11ty/eleventy

Aggregate Benchmarks Jump to heading

We also have a special category of aggregate benchmarks to do higher level analysis. Look for entries like:

Benchmark (Aggregate): Searching the file system took 40ms (0.5%, called 2×, 19.9ms each) +0ms
Benchmark (Aggregate): Data File took 134ms (1.8%, called 405×, 0.3ms each) +0ms
Benchmark (Aggregate): Template Read took 682ms (9.0%, called 600×, 1.1ms each) +0ms
Benchmark (Aggregate): Passthrough Copy File took 924ms (12.2%, called 669×, 1.4ms each) +0ms
Benchmark (Aggregate): Template Compile took 366ms (4.8%, called 1526×, 0.2ms each) +0ms
Benchmark (Aggregate): Template Render took 1215ms (16.1%, called 949×, 1.3ms each) +0ms
Benchmark (Aggregate): Template Write took 2088ms (27.6%, called 312×, 6.7ms each) +0ms

Note that while we do make every attempt to make these as accurate as possible, the percentages for these entries may be greater than 100% due to the asynchronous nature of these tasks (passthrough copy especially).